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The resort goes to Songtao again to promote precision assistance

Release date:2021/03/31 Source:Xinhang Coating

In order to further strengthen the work of supporting the Songtao Miao Autonomous County in Suzhou Industrial Park, from July 15 to 17, Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourism Resort (referred to as the resort) and two enterprises in the area went to Songtao Miao Autonomous County to inspect and strengthen the two Local tourism and resources are connected to exchanges, and precise assistance is promoted.

Although  is thousands of miles apart, the fate between Songtao and the resort began very early. In 2013, in accordance with national and provincial arrangements, Suzhou Industrial Park launched Songtao counterpart assistance activities. According to the requirements of relevant documents of the park, the resort teamed up with Panbao Village, Changping Township in 2017, and started counterpart assistance work.


During the inspection, under the leadership of Zhao Qiliang, member of the Standing Committee of the Songtao Miao Autonomous County Committee and Deputy County Mayor, Jiang Yun, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the management committee of the resort, walked into the fields of Panbao Village, Changping Township, and had a cordial exchange with farmers and understanding of the local area. Types and sales channels of characteristic crops, average annual income of farmers, etc. Afterwards, the two parties held a symposium to have in-depth exchanges on the basic situation, industry types, and existing difficulties of Panbao Village, Changping Township.

Currently, Panbao Village, Changping Township has 5 natural villages, 7 villager groups, 273 households, with a population of 1,237, of which 97 are poor households. The village mainly grows green onions and kiwi fruit, and is experimenting with beef cattle farming and reservoir fish farming. Through the introduction of a foam box factory, Panbao Village has solved some of the packaging, logistics and transportation problems of agricultural products. Songtao Agricultural Products already has a physical store in Suzhou, and will organize a Suzhou Fair in August to actively look for customers. The village has received 100,000 yuan of assistance from the resort, which is mainly used for road improvement. It is also facing sales problems such as peppers, green onions, and kiwis. Panbao Village hopes that the resort can help solve the problems of primary processing and marketing of agricultural products, and let the delicious food in the mountains "go out".


After listening to the report, the resort encourages Panbao Village in Changping Township to focus on self-raised funds and seek support from higher-level poverty alleviation funds to actively develop. It is recommended that Changping Township try to upgrade the packaging grade of agricultural products, increase added value, and attract good at e-commerce Of talents conduct network promotion of agricultural products. At the same time, the resort will also use the official account and online and offline platforms such as the Peninsula Company's "Huiyou Peninsula" and the Visitor Center to broaden the sales of local high-quality agricultural and sideline products by means of "live broadcast + e-commerce", and promote the spread of Songtao's characteristic agricultural products. Tourist groups. There are more than 1,300 enterprises in the resort, and the grid staff visit system will be used in the future to promote high-quality Songtao agricultural products as much as possible.

The two companies accompanying Singapore Airlines Coating (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Rongqi Industrial Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. subscribed for local kiwis worth 80,000 yuan. At the same time, Singapore Airlines Coating Company also donated 10 refrigerators and 10 units to local schools. TV.